Are you ready admirals? Because it’s that time of the season again where stress levels are up and resources are down. Because right now, the Summer 2017 event has started! The new event has the title “Recross through the West! Europe Rescue Operation”, and they’ve added SEVEN new ship girls!

  • Destroyer Hatazake (Kamikaze-class, E-2 Clear Reward)

  • Destroyer Amagiri (Ayanami Class, E-3 Drop)

  • Destroyer Sagiri (Ayanami Class, E-1 Drop)

  • French Fast Battleship Richelieu (Richelieu Class, E-4 Clear Reward)

Kantai Collection also added the legendary British aircraft carrier, Ark Royal. However, she will only be available in the Extra Operations. Considered the first modern carrier, Ark Royal played an important role in sinking the legendary German battleship, Bismarck. Brace yourselves, Ark Royal x Bismarck fanarts incoming.

For the event, the game also added Italian submarine, Luigi Torelli, as well as coastal defense ship, Matsuwa. Much like Ark Royal, they will both be available via the Extra Operations maps.

The game also added several new equipment, including legendary fighters like the Spitfire, as well as the Swordfish Torpedo Bombers. Much like all the other events, the game also added new Abyssal ships, such as the New Submarine Princess, French Battleship Princess, and finally, the European Princess.

Images via KanColle Wikia