Trading card game company, Bushiroad, has revealed that they are making not one, but two new Kemono Friends apps. They revealed that the first app is a game. Called Kemono Friends Pavilion, they will be releasing it through their Bushimo smartphone service.

However, as Bushiroad is still developing the game, they still haven’t revealed much information. They will be revealing more details as development progresses though.

As for the second app, Bushiroad revealed Kemono Friends Alarm, which of course is an alarm app. It features the voices of various “Friends” waking users up much like an alarm clock. It boasts newly-recorded voices from the series’ various seiyuu, as well as other functions. These functions include voice collecting and even fortune-telling. Bushiroad will release the app by Summer 2017. They will also be revealing more details during the 12th episode of “Kemono Friends Hour” on 16th August.

Unfortunately, the original mobile app that inspired the hit anime ended its run just before the anime premiered. However, with the Kemiono Friends TV anime proving to be a huge hit, the now “dead” game has inspired even more apps. Now that is legacy indeed!

Source: Bushiroad press release