After its huge success back in the winter 2017 anime season, Kemono Friends is getting a rerun. However, it looks like it’s also targeting younger audiences this time. This is because the anime’s infamous “Welcome to Youkoso Japari Park” OP sequence got a live-action version with kids! The anime’s seiyuu all dressed up as their characters and appeared alongside kids for this special version.



Despite the staff originally aiming for adults with the source Nexon game, Kemono Friends could actually become a kid-friendly anime. The anime has portions with experts talking about various animals and their habitats, and is also quite wholesome. So not only is it kid-friendly, but they could also pass it as an educational anime teaching about animals.

TV Tokyo and it’s affiliates are now airing the reruns in Japan. However, they did not reveal whether they will use this live-action OP once again for the next episodes.

Source: Yaraon!