Kyoto Animation and Studio Do are organizing a huge fan event in Kyoto this October. And now, it seems they’re really reaching out to foreign fans. This is because they’ve opened an English website for the event itself.

Aside from the usual event notices, the new English site also encourages fans to sign up to the various activities. This include meet & greets, as well as stage presentations during the event. So if you’re even in Kyoto from 28th-29th, why not sign up for these activities? Deadline for submission of applications is on 31st October.

From 21 – 22 October 2017, they will be holding showcases for Violet Evergarden, as well as Free – Take Your Marks. They will hold that event over at Rohm Theater Kyoto, where they will also hold a Sound Euphonium concert.

As for the Miyako Messe event, they will be holding it from 28th until 29th October. Expect announcements for KyoAni works during the event, as well as details for the new Chuunibyou film.

As for Violet Evergarden, we also have our own premiere right here in Singapore during C3 AFA Singapore! It will be part of the “Violet Evergarden World Screening Tour”, which include the “World Premiere at AX 2017” and the “EU Premiere at AnimagiC 2017”.