Renowned mangaka, Moyoco Anno, has gained popularity that might just rival her husband’s? Who’s her husband? Why it’s Evangelion director and Studio Khara founder, Hideaki Anno of course! In a new animated video (about turnips), she tells the story of Studio Khara and her husband.

The story features Director-kun refusing to eat meat and fish and only wanting food with vegetables. He then told the old woman that he decided to grow his own vegetables that he himself can eat. There is much symbolism here as meat and fish symbolise other forms of media, while vegetables represent animation.

Now with his own garden, a few more men come to him to help. Together, they grow this turnip in 2007. Of course, this turnip symbolises Evangelion 1.0: You are [NOT] Alone. He would then finish growing another turnip in 2009, symbolising Evangelion: 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance. But as he returns to grow another turnip in 2012, he gets injured, which of course talks about his depression.

And then, a “Super Old Man” (Hayao Miyazaki) asks him to help lay some bricks. Of course, this talks about his time as a seiyuu for Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises. But when he returns, he’s still injured. With director-kun still sick, his workers continue at the garden and their works would help him recover little by little.

And then, his friend from the neighboring garden, Shinju Higuchi, ask him to help with a carrot. Of course, this carrot is Shin Godzilla. And has he returns to his own garden, it seems that his new turnip, is growing bigger than any he ever grew before.

Kouichi Yamadera voices director-kun, while Megumi Hayashibara voices the narrator, Rompers. As for Evangelion, Studio Khara has confirmed that this “turnip” is now in production!