Naruto Runs have been slowly gaining popularity around the world, even if the original manga already ended. Thanks to the magic of the internet, it’s slowly becoming a fad. And now, we’re even doing it here in Singapore! It seems that Singaporeans, Benson Tan and Ryan Koh organised a Naruto Run event over at Vivocity. And yes, people actually attended!

Actually, the event isn’t supposed to be a serious event. After all, it’s from an ongoing internet meme. Here’s what their official Facebook event page even said:

“This is not a real event, but if you really are interested me and my friends will be down there and maybe we can grab something to eat and maybe chit chat abit, and if you really wanna run then lets do it bois. We can do a short naruto run.

Join us in our annual Naruto Run! The founder of the Naruto Run, Yi Xuan Uzumaki will be there too as our guest of honour. The eighth hokage, Yi Xuan will be performing his rasengan and kage bunshin no jutsu after the run! dattebayo

We will meet up and run from Vivo to Sentosa Naruto Style! Believe it. Vivo City Is Actuualy the Hidden Leaf Village.”

But when people actually showed interest, they made it possible last 26th August, and ran through the mall using the series’ signature running style. In fact, you can check out the videos here, as well as here.

The event was such a huge success that they seem to be planning one again, and this time with better Naruto cosplay.

The fad has been going on everywhere recently, with people organising Naruto Runs all over the world. As for the next one in Singapore, let’s just hope the guys organising these runs do one during C3 AFA Singapore.

Source: Singapore Naruto Run official Facebook event