It looks like Yusuke Murata is doing Spider-Man again! This is because the One Punch Man manga illustrator has done a new official Japan artwork for Spider-Man Homecoming. It features Spider-Man taking on The Vulture… with a little help from Iron Man of course!

Murata’s new Spider-Man artwork will serve as promotional material for the film. As for the film itself, it will be making its Japanese premiere on 11th August. Of course, it stars young Tom Holland as the titular wall crawler himself. It also stars Michael Keaton as the villainous Vulture, and of course, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. Oh, and Marisa Tomei also stars as Aunt May, because her fans might get angry if we don’t mention her.

Meanwhile, Murata himself seems to be very excited to see the film. He even said that he’s captivated by Tom Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker. He then added that he can’t wait to see how the character grows. Meanwhile, here’s a sample of Murata’s former Spider-Artworks.

Source: Comic Natalie