Perfume is collaborating with manga magazine, Weekly Big Comic Spirits. In the magazine’s 40th issue, several of their mangaka will be drawing manga illustrations of the trio. It will also feature all three members in that very issue’s cover. And not only that, the issue will also feature a special manga starring the members of Perfume themselves.

Kremlin mangaka, Kaoru Curry-zawa, is illustrating the Perfume manga for the magazine. Meanwhile, the magazine also revealed some of the mangaka who will be sharing their perfume illustrations. This will include Ushio & Tora’s Kazuhiro Fujita and Ushijima the Loan Shark’s Shohei Manabe.

As for Perfume themselves, Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka), Ayaka Nishikawa (A-chan), and Ayano Oomoto (Nocchi) comprise the group. They also previously admitted that they’re huge fans of manga such as Chihayafuru. In fact, they got to meet its mangaka because they performed the live-action films’ theme song, “FLASH”. And for this month, they will also be releasing their latest single this 30th August titled “If you wanna”.

Source: Comic Natalie