The Pokemon Trading Card Game has a brand new expansion called Burning Shadows, and it features members of Team Skull. Now, Guzma and Team Skull admin Plumeria show off their dance moves against a group of Pikachu:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn, dem Pikachu have some moves. Guzma and Team Skull also have some pretty sick moves, but Team Pikachu wiped the floor with them! Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows is now available in several shops. It features various new Pokemon GX, along with the new Guzma and Plumeria supporter cards.

As for the dancing Pikachu, the Canon booth previously hosted one during C3 AFA Bangkok, as well as C3 AFA Jakarta. And judging from its sick dance moves, the Pikachu are truly on a league of their own.

Now, who else wants to challenge the Pikachu for a dance battle? Because I surely won’t, they’re too sick.