Clash At Loum, which kicks off Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin’s Loum Arc, has now premiered worldwide. Now, the Shinjuku Piccadilly Theatre in Tokyo is giving Gundam fans a special treat with a new VR experience. In this VR experience, fans can experience what it’s like to be Char Aznable and pilot his custom Zaku II.

Officially titled “Char’s Sortie”, the Shinjuku Piccadilly theatre will be offering the VR experience from 19-29 September 2017. Fans still have to register online via the official website though. However, if you’ve already watched the film, please make sure to bring your ticket or ticket stub in order to participate.

The VR Experience itself will only last for three minutes, though. But this will get fans the chance to get inside Char’s Zaku II and experience things through the Red Comet’s eyes. Kinda makes you wonder if this will make you three times faster than everyone else once you get inside Char’s shoes, right?

Source: Animeanime