In a video from her own official YouTube channel, seiyuu Ai Nonaka revealed an important announcement to fans. In her video, she revealed that she recently got married and also entered the family registry last Monday.

The Madoka Magica seiyuu also revealed things about her husband. She revealed that he’s a man in his 40’s, and she also said that she’s had a long friendship with him. According to the video, her husband has narrow eyes and a big mouth, and he also laughs a lot.

However, she revealed that marriage really isn’t a priority for her. But then, she got a bit anxious when fellow seiyuu Akemi Kanda and Ryoko Shiraishi got married before her. She then begain thinking about marrying her then-boyfriend (now her husband) while overseas. And during a phone conversation with him, they talked about her troubles and she brought up getting married.

She then assured her fans that she will continue being a seiyuu despite getting married. Finally, she thanked her family, friends, and fans for all their support.

Source: Ai Nonaka official