Kemono Friends has teamed up with the Japan Racing Association (JRA) for a special collaboration called Uma no Friends. Now, that special collaboration has revealed a brand new video titled “Keibajou” or “Horse Track”. This new video features Serval, Kaban, and Boss meeting up with thoroughbred horses, Kurige, Aokage, and Shiroge.

Well, it didn’t show who won that race, but Servals are pretty fast too so it might not be a total wipeout. Tatsuki, who directed the TV anime, also directed the short. And much like the TV anime, they also made an expert commentary video, this time with thoroughbred veterinarian, Mashita Onii-san,

And speaking of Shiroge, director Tatsuki also featured her in a new artwork. It features the white racehorse friend with its real-life counterpart.

For the shorts, Yuka Ozaki and Aya Uchida reprise their roles as Serval and Kaban respectively. Meanwhile, Kanako Takatsuki voices Kurige, Houko Kuwashima voices Aokage, and Kaede Okutani voices Shiroge. The collaboration will feature Kemono Friends in several JRA promotions, as well as merchandise.

Source: JRA official