Being an idol means that you get to meet all sorts of people during the meet and greet/handshake events. And for these events, there is one aspect that musicians often don’t discuss, and that’s the cleanliness of their fans. But apparently, one idol has had enough, and she tweeted a request for fans. In her tweet, she made a simple request, and that’s for them to use deodorant.

That idol is actually SKE48-member, Kaori Matsumura. This is the same idol who revealed that she receives gifts with mysterious stains from fans. In her tweet, Matsumura posted photos of deodorants, and said this:

Thank you all for coming out to the handshake event. We received a complaint about a serious problem.
One of the female fans who was waiting in line to shake our hands said she couldn’t stand the smell in the venue, and asked if anything could be done about it. It’s hard for people to notice their own body odor. It’s something those of us in SKE48 have to be careful about too! So let’s pick up these two items at the drugstore and take care of the problem!

The photos in her tweet included spray-on deodorant brands, CBIC’s Deonatulle and Shiseido’s Ag+. However, since concerts usually ban spray cans for safety reasons, she made two follow-up tweets:




In her tweets, she told fans that roll-on deodorant, as well as scented body wipes, are readily available, so they better use them. A few commenters also offered other tips, such as showering before going to an event. Her frankness received a ton of praise from other fans, who have also suffered from the smell of others.

Source: Sora News 24