Japanese anime series, Henkei Shoujo raised plenty of eyebrows since it made its debut. The anime actually features girls transforming into vehicles much like Transformers (but with less explosions). So far, it’s already featured talented seiyuu such as Kana Hanazawa (Itsuki) and M.A.O. (Haru), as well as cosplayer Enako (Rin). However, the latest person to voice a Henkei Shoujo is an actual Japanese Adult Video (JAV) idol. That’s right folks, Sola Aoi makes her seiyuu debut as Nana in Henkei Shoujo!

She now finished her recording session for Nana, and she has said that the anime itself is pretty surreal. She said she always had a husky voice, and people also recommended her to become a seiyuu. However, she never really had the chance to do so, and now, she’s pretty happy to get to do the challenge.

The JAV idol-turned seiyuu admitted that since she wore a blazer back in high school, she always wanted to wear a sailor uniform. She finally wore one in a shoot, and felt that it was kinda chilly. She also admitted that she wanted to cosplay and take pictures. As for her role as Nana, she urged fans to watch her episode of Henkei Shoujo. Here are the episodes so far, so you’ll know why they’ve raised so many eyebrows:

Episode 1: Haru (CV: M.A.O.)

Episode 2:  Rin (CV: Enako)

Episode 3: Itsuki (CV: Kana Hanazawa)

So yeah, they just went from Kana Hanazawa to Sola Aoi in just one episode. Much like the previous episodes, DLE Entertainment’s official YouTube channel will be airing Nana’s episode as well.

Source: Animate Times