Via Variety: Sony Pictures Television Networks is set to acquire 95% of anime distributor Funimation Productions for about $143 million. The remaining 5% will stay with founder and CEO of Gen Fukunaga, who will retain his position at Funimation.

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Funimation’s core market is in North America, but it has since started branching out into Australia and New Zealand. The company distributes over 450 dubbed and subbed anime titles via retail DVD/BD and online streaming. Funimation’s line up of titles include “Your Name.”, “ONEPIECE”, “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, “Black Butler”, “Attack on Titan”, and “My Hero Academia”.

Sony Pictures Television, Inc. is an American television production and distribution studio based in California. It is a division of Sony Pictures, and a unit of the Japanese conglomerate Sony — whose other properties include anime and music production company Aniplex, animation studio A-1 Pictures, and anime television network Animax.