The World Cosplay Summit 2017 event has now kicked off in the city of Nagoya, and one certain seiyuu is enjoying the festivities. Enter Sumire Uesaka, who even graced the event while cosplaying asΒ Touhou’s Reimu Hakurei. She posted her photos in costume through her own official LINE blog.

In her blog entry, the military-loving seiyuu expressed her joy in being able to cosplay as Reimu. In fact, she admitted that she “couldn’t resist” cosplaying as Reimu, and the experience is “a giant explosion of joy”. She also said that she’s always wanted to join an event while cosplaying.

Well, that’s certainly no normal cosplayer attending the 9-day event. She even joined in the cosplay festivities on stage as Reimu. It’s pretty safe to say that she was enjoying herself a lot during World Cosplay Summit.

The city of Nagoya is currently holding the event until 6th August 2017.