With her skimpy and revealing outfits, lewd illustrations, and cast-off figures, Super Sonico ain’t exactly family friendly. However, as she celebrates her 10th anniversary, she’s teaming up with Sanrio’s Puroland theme park. With characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody, you can’t get more family friendly than Sanrio. So when Super Sonico teamed up with their theme park, she really covered up her assets for the key visual:

While she does cover up those large assets every now and then, many said that she really went the distance for the Sanrio visual. The collaboration includes also teaming up with Puroland’s Cosplay 8 event. The Super Sonico Cheer Team will also be attending the event, including their captain, seiyuu Minori Shiraishi. Actress Ayano Yamamoto, who’s also the Cheer Team’s Vice Captain, will also be attending. The two will be hosting a Super Sonico fan event inside the theme park. And after the talk show, they will then host a fan meeting, followed by a live concert by Yamamoto and a Sanrio character. This will all happen on 21st October.

And yes, since this is a collaboration, Puroland will also be distributing exclusive Sonico x Hello Kitty merchandise. Now that’s two of Japan’s most popular mascot characters collaborating for those merch!

Source: Sanrio Puroland Official