New Game is currently one of summer 2017’s hottest anime, and now, they’ve teamed up with ramen chain, Takumen. Walk-in customers are getting a special treat for this collaboration, as they can take home the ramen bowls they ate their ramen in. But what’s so special about these ramen bowls? They have New Game!! characters on them, that’s what!

They will be selling the big full-colored bowl for 6,980 yen each. As for the smaller character bowls, fans have to buy specific ramen sets to get them. To get Aoba and Hifumi, fans must order the special hamburger and tomato ramen with cheese worth 4,980 yen. Meanwhile, fans must order the  prawn curry ramen with pork belly to get the Yun and Hajime mini-bowl set. The latter also costs 4,980 yen.

Several Takumen-affiliated ramen shops like Yume wo Katare and Junk Story will also be serving New Game-themed menu items.

Source: Anime! Anime!