More often than not, Pokemon GO lists a Pokemon’s height and weight in ridiculous proportions. For example, the main Pokemon games list Golduck with a height of 1.7m and weight of 76.6Kg. However, sometimes, Pokemon GO goes the distance as it lists Golduck being 2.04m in height and 106.43m in weight.

Several people have caught on, including Thai artist SanomSai Products, who captured the disparity in a few hilarious artworks. Here are a few more of the artist’s hilarious Pokemon GO takes:

Ordinary Graveler
Height 1.0 m
Weight 105.0 kg

Ordinary Golbat
Height 1.6 m
Weight 55.0 kg

Ordinary Machoke
Height 1.5 m
Weight 70.5 kg

Looks like Golbat loses weight the more CP it has…

And hey, if my Pokemon have these ridiculous proportions, I might look like this too: