In Neto-Juu no Susume, a 30-year old woman quits her job to leave the 3D World and become a handsome swordsman in an online game. Now, that upcoming anime may have already determined its main cast, but now, it posted an open casting call. This means that if you want to be a seiyuu, now may be your chance!

They posted the open casting call for the part-time job hunting website, An. There, they revealed that voice acting experience isn’t necessary, and ANYONE can apply. This also means that there will be no age or gender restrictions. They will choose only two applicants, and they will earn 50,000 yen per day plus transportation allowance. They will also receive a special screenplay that has Mamiko Noto’s autograph. Of course, Mamiko Noto voices Moriko Morioka, a gamer who escapes “3D Life” to play an online game.

To enter, applicants must first follow the An twitter account and then retweet this Tweet, and click the link to apply. But they better do this quick, because the deadline for submission is on 17th August.

Neto-Juu no Susume will not only star Mamiko Noto, but also Ryouta Suzuki as Hayashi, Moriko’s in-game character. It also stars Reina Ueda as Lily, as well as Takahiro Sakurai as Yuuta Sakurai.

Source: Anime Anime