The Matsuno Sextuplets return this October for a new season of hilarious brotherly hi-jinx. And to celebrate its 2nd October return, Animate Cafe is offering up some special Mr. Osomatsu goodies. In fact, they’re setting up three Mr. Osomatsu-themed cafes for their Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Kyoto branches.

Each drink costs 500 yen, while the desserts cost 700 yen. Each customer who also orders from the collaboration menu will also get one of 12 coasters. The menu includes the following items:

Osomatsu Berry

Karamatsu Ramune

Choromatsu Melon Soda

Todomatsu Peach Iced Tea

Ichimatsu Blueberry (with fish on top of whipped cream)

Jyushimatsu Pineapple

Sextuplets Anmitsu Parfait

Sextuplets pancake

And like many collaboration cafes, this one will feature plenty of merchandise as well. These include key chains, as well as tin badges. They will also sell several matsune Sextuplet iroDOLLs worth 4,800 yen each.


The Animate Cafes in Ikebukuro, Shunjuku, and Kyoto will begin the collaboration starting 3rd October, the day after Season 2 premieres. They will then hold the collaboration cafe until 8th November.

Source: Animate Press Release