Mylene Flare Jenius remains on of Macross’s most popular and iconic characters, even more than 20 years since Macross 7 debuted. However, she found herself without a seiyuu when her original one, Tomo Sakurai, retired last year. But fret not folks, because it looks like they’ve found her new voice, and she’s none other than Aya Hirano.

She will be voicing Mylene for Macross’s own smartphone rhythm game, Uta Macross Sumaho De Culture. She said that Mylene is the best, and will do her best as the successor to Tomo Sakurai. The seiyuu even talked to the fans about her new role as the Fire Bomber band member.

She also played the game, which of course, features her as the new Mylene Jenius.

Aside from Fire Bomber, the only rock band that the franchise ever focused on, the smartphone game also features some of Macross’s most iconic idols. These include Lynn Minmay, Sheryl Nome, Ranka Lee, and of course, Walkure.

Sources: Abema Times and Animate Times