In Japan, New Year is a big thing, as they usually celebrate it for a couple of weeks. They would usually have a special feast as they celebrate it too! Every New Year, they also ea a special bento meal known as Osechi, which comes with food bearing special meanings. Each type of food in the bento also brings in luck for the New Year. Now, it will also come with a One Piece theme.

Like most Osechi, this bento box comes with the 31 usual Osechi staples. However, this one comes with Luffy and the rest of the Strawhats celebrating the New Year with you! It comes with a One Piece-themed Juubako box, as well as picks and chopsticks. And that’s not all because it also comes with a deluxe ceramic plate and a furoshiki wrapping cloth.

This New Year feast costs 16,200 yen, and will be a great collectible for One Piece enthusiasts. However, do remember to actually eat the food this set comes with, OK? Just look at that feast, doesn’t that make you wish it were New Year’s Eve already?!

Ichifuji Catering, which makes these osechi bento, is now accepting pre-orders. They will then deliver it to those who ordered within Japan on 31st December, just in time for New Year!

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