Sometimes, getting that all-important cosplay shot is all that matters. But sometimes, the perfect locations often happens to be the rooftops of someone else’s homes. Be it for sunrise/sunset shots or just for the ambiance, more and more cosplayers are hanging out atop roofs. And in Japan, it seems that cosplayers have been bothering homeowners because of this. But don’t worry, because apparently, “Cosplayers on the Roof Countermeasure Services” is a thing there.

Yamatotakada City, Nara Prefecture’s Mori Kenchiku Bankin Kogyo has been consulting homeowners about that loud noise in their roofs. And yes, that loud noise often turns out to be cosplayers in a shoot. They are actually a construction firm which specializes on roofs, but with the rise of complaints about cosplayers on top of homes, they’ve branched out a bit. While from Nara, they also seem to handle complaints in Tokyo, Osaka, and Hyogo Prefectures.

Company President Ryosuke Mori seems to have received a previous complaint about noises coming from the roof. But when he went to the said house, he saw two cosplayers in the rooftop as he’s climbing up the ladder. This is all according to the company’s official Moribankin website of course.

Yeah, somehow he ended up challenging the two to a duel where he whipped out his ultimate technique. Sadly, the cosplayers weren’t impressed.

Well… actually, he just talked to them and told the cosplayers they might damage the roof. He also taught them some roof maintenance pointers.

As expected, the new consultation services raised a few eyebrows. The campaign did get some criticism, but a few people did say that they saw several cosplayers doing shoots on top of buildings. No matter the case, just remember to always ask the homeowner before shooting on top of their roofs, ok?

Source: Sora News 24