The city of Sakawa in Kouchi Prefecture is responsible for producing one of the most popular seiyuu today, Daisuke Ono. Now, the seiyuu is going back to his home town to become its very first celebrity tourism ambassador. In fact, Sakawa mayor, Kazuichi Horimi himself appointed the seiyuu to his new position.

Mayor Horimi also handed Ono a plaque which states that the seiyuu will be helping out to promote the city’s tourism. As for Ono, he said that he’s proud that he’s born in the city, and said he wants the rest of Japan to know more about it. He will also be appearing in some of the city’s guides. The seiyuu said that it’s his role to help develop the city’s future. He also added that he wants to help spread the charm and rich history of his home town.

Daisuke Ono’s most notable roles include Black Butler’s Sebastian Michaelis and Barakamon’s Seishuu Handa. He also voiced Kuroko’s Basketball’s Shintarou Midorima, as well as Durarara!!’s Shizuo Heiwajima.

Source: Kouchi News