The fifth Digimon Adventure tri. film, Kyousei, will be hotting Japanese theaters later this month. And to further the hype, PlayStation Japan has started streaming a brand new trailer. But why PlayStation Japan? This is because the PlayStation network will also be streaming the film at the same time as its Japanese screening.

Aside from the PSN streaming announcement, the video also shows new footage from the fifth film. And after all their struggles, it looks like the DigiDestined are finally coming together to stop the mysterious new threat.

The film will premiere in Japan on 30th September, however, it will be a limited 3-week screening. It will then ship out its home video release in Blu-ray and DVD starting 2nd November. There will also be a limited edition version for the Blu-ray release as well. Kyousei will be the 5th film in the 6-part film series, which also means the tri story will be ending soon in the film after.