The anime and manga industries have shown a lot of support to the victims of the great Kumamoto Earthquake. They often teamed up with the prefecture’s iconic mascot to promote charities and donation drives. Now, 41 illustrators, including several well-known mangaka, are teaming up with Kumamon for charity once again. This time, it will be for an illustration collection which compiles several artworks from these illustrators, all for charity.

The 41 well-known illustrators and mangaka participating in this charity illustration collection include Kemono Friends concept creator, Mine Yoshizaki, as seen in the image above. It also includes Fist of the North Star’s Tetsuo Hara and City Hunter’s Tsukasa Hojo. Other big names also include Kafka Asagiri, Kamui Fujiwara, Takuya Fujima, and Yukari Higa. Artists from Tezuka Productions as well as Toei are also helping out.

A new artbook will be compiling these illustrations and more as it goes on sale this 25th September. Each copy costs about 1,944 yen and sales will also help in funding relief efforts for earthquake victims. The project also plans to raise more funds through exhibitions and sales events. What a nice way to help people out, huh?

Source: Anime! Anime!