Saying that Hatsune Miku has worldwide fame may be a bit of an understatement. South Korean fans have further proven this fact as they celebrated the virtual diva’s 10th birthday in style. Thanks to crowdfunding, they earned more than enough money to launch a Miku 10th anniversary shrine in one of South Korea’s busiest stations.

In Kickstarter, the group only made around US$4,000. However, in Tumblbug, they made a whopping US$37,000! And now, they have reached their goal of having a huge birthday display at Samseong Station.

Blogger Sul Lyun, who participated in the funding, went to the station to check the results. Soon enough, he discovered it was a mixture of Miku artworks, as well as videos:

And the shrine didn’t forget those that helped fund it either. This is because it also displayed the names of the people who sent money for the project. It will grace Samseong Station for about a month.

Source: Sul Lyun via Kotaku