Godzilla, the King of Monsters, has gained a reputation for being savage, destructive, and downright dangerous. However, the legendary Kaijuu has also recently teamed up with a character you’s least expect… Hello Kitty. And yes, the King of Monsters is definitely wearing a ribbon…

And if you think it’s just Hello Kitty, well… let’s just say it ain’t just her he’s teaming up with. This is because the Hollywood Walk of Famer is also teaming up with My Melody, Pom Pom Purin, and Little Twin Stars.

This is all to promote the upcoming Godzilla: Monster Planet anime trilogy of films. The collaboration will include a gallery over at Gate City Osaki West Tower in Shinagawa, Tokyo. The gallery will feature collaboration artwork, as well as a 2-metre Godzilla statue. And much like other collaborations, it will also have several crossover merchandise going on sale. However, it will only be available for a limited time, as they will only host it until 8th September.

As for the film, Netflix, the world’s largest TV and movie streaming service, will be releasing the anime film globally. Of course, this includes Japan, where TOHO will be coordinating a theatrical and global streaming release, along with Netflix.

The infamous Urobutcher himself, Gen Urobuchi, will be writing the script, so don’t get attached to any character. The first film premieres in Japanese theaters on 17th November 2017. Its story takes place 20,000 years in the future when Kaijuu forced humanity out of Earth.

Source: Anime! Anime!