Remember that Nissin CM where they featured grown-up versions of Kiki and Tombo? The Japanese food company is following that up with brand new CMs, which also features a grown up classic anime character. This time though, they headed for the Alps to feature a more grown-up Heidi from Heidi: Girl of the Alps.

This is all part of Nissin’s Hungry Days campaign, which also included that grown-up Kiki commercial. It featured E-Girls member, Anna Ishii as Heidi, while Hiroshi Kamiya voiced Peter. The commercials also include Sora Amamiya as Clara. And if you’re curious about the background music, it’s “Kinen Satsuei” by BUMP OF CHICKEN.

Heidi: Girl of the Alps captured the hearts of Japanese audiences in the 70’s. The anime, which adapts Johanna Spyri’s classic children’s book, also caught the imagination of other countries as well. Many even consider the series as one of Nippon Animation’s greatest works.