Weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s issue #40 has revealed something that fans have been expecting for quite some time. Yes folks, Hunter x Hunter goes on hiatus… again. At this point, readers aren’t even surprised anymore, huh?

However, it looks like the hiatus may be shorter than previous ones, which lasted years. According to his Author’s Comment, Hiatus x Hiatus mangaka, Yoshihiro Togashi, has said he’ll come back within the year. But just as expected, readers are already rolling their eyes as he has put off his promised returns  time and time again. Jump previously promised that he’ll be out for 1-2 weeks because of back problems. However, that hiatus turned out to have lasted for over a year.

Togashi has been complaining about his back problems throughout his run for the manga. In fact, he’s been very vocal about stating his back problems. And because his frequent hiatuses often last years, fans grew frustrated and weary already. They even nicknamed the series “Hiatus x Hiatus”. Fans also accused Togashi of just faking his health problems to get out of work, and have also labelled him as “lazy”. But who knows? Maybe this time, he might just really come back within the year and prove detractors wrong.

Source: YonkouProd