Move over ladies, the guys of [email protected] are about to take over as they get their own anime. Now, The [email protected] Side-M finally gets a brand new CM ahead of its October premiere. And this time, it finally gives us a taste of the musical anime’s very own OP theme song.

All six of the anime’s in-story idol groups, Dramatic Stars, BEiT, SEM, HighxJoker, W, and Jupiter make up the 315 Stars. Together, they perform the anime’s OP song, “Reason!!”, which the video teases of course.

The anime premieres 7th October, and will be telling the story of male idol group. The [email protected] franchise previously only focused on the female idols for its anime adaptations. This includes the original anime with the 765 Pro All Stars, and of course, the Cinderella Project from Cinderella Girls. They are basing this anime on the popular Bandai Namco idol-raising smartphone game of the same title.