Hatsune Miku is a Japanese icon, and an arm of the Japanese government is giving her the attention she deserves. The Japan Post Office has revealed that they are celebrating her 10th anniversary with a brand new stamp set. As expected, this one will be a limited edition set for fans to collect. However, they can also use the stamps to send letters to loved ones as well… but why would you do that?

Japan Post will only be releasing 3,900 of these stamp sets. They will contain a total of 10 stamps, as well as a frame to keep them all together. Several renowned Vocaloid illustrators also provided the illustrations for the stamps. These include nekosumi, who drew the Mailman Miku, as well as Ixima, and of course, her original designer, KEI.

The set will also include an A3-size folded mount and two stickers. The entire set costs 2,500 yen, and post offices all over Japan will start selling them on Miku’s birthday, 31st August.

Crypton Future Media first launched Hatsune Miku on 31 August 2007. 10 years on, fans all over the world have recognised her as a Japanese icon. She even performed at the Late Show with David Letterman!

And finally, from all of us here at Wow Japan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKU!