Jojo’s Bizarre adventure has always had a huge female fanbase. And with otome games rising not just in Japan, but abroad, a few fans applied this dating sim concept to the Jojo series. Titled Joestar Struck, this fan-made dating sim allows players to date and even kiss a Jojo. Fangirls rejoice!

It’s fan-made, so this dating sim with Otome Game flair should technically count as a doujin game, right? The game basically re-imagines the Joestar family members as delinquents, and yes, players can date them. Team Scallywag,  which developed this fan-made game, already released an online demo too!

While the demo only features the Joesuke route, players can date the other Jojos as well, but in the main game. This includes Joseph, Jonathan and of course, Jotaro. It also features other characters from the manga, and two of them are teachers! As for the player, her default name is Hirohiko as a tribute to series mangaka, Hirohiko Araki.

Team Scallywag aims to release this fan-made game for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs sometime in early 2018.

Source: Kotaku