The Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF) is certainly no stranger to anime team-ups. In fact, the JSDF has previously teamed up with military-themed series such as GATE, High School Fleet, Arpeggio of the Blue Steel, and of course, Girls und Panzer. They ain’t even shy about showing off their moe-powered military mascots and hardware.

However, the anime they’ve teamed up with previously all have a military theme. Now, it looks like they’re crossing genres, and is now teaming up with The Irregular at Magic High School. In fact, the anime’s own overpowered hero, is the one doing the recruiting, instead of the usual cute anime girls. They even feature him in the recruitment poster!

While the series does go into arcs which involve the military, it usually centers on school life, magic, and Tatsuya wiping the floor with everybody. This is unlike the other series the JSDF has collaborated with, which usually focus on military matters like warships and tanks.

This move has made many fans wonder why they chose The irregular at Magic High School. To top it all off, he admitted became a child soldier at age 13, which is against JSDF regulations. But then again, he promises to protect both the present and the future, and is quite overpowered.

Source: Otakomu