As ufotable’s Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu TV anime ended with its final episode last weekend, the anime also revealed an important announcement. This is because when the anime finally ended, it also revealed that they’re planning a new film project based on DMM and Nitroplus’s hit PC browser game.

However, the video didn’t reveal how many films this theatrical anime project will have. The video didn’t really reveal much details in fact. As of writing, this new Touken Ranbu film project still remains a big mystery to fans. However, do expect the staff to reveal more in the future.

DMM and Nitroplus’s hit PC browser game follows anthropomorphic sword boys known as Touken Danshi. Together, they fight the historical revisionists to protect history, and stop them from altering events. The ufotable anime differs greatly from the previous Touken Ranbu Hanamaru anime, as it sets a much more serious tone, as well as focusing more on the missions these sword boys do.

video via pkjd