Shoebill has proven to be one of Kemono Friends’ most popular characters. Now, the bird which looks like she can stare into your soul is finally taking the spotlight! This is all part of the new collaboration between the anime, the Chiba Zoological Park, and the Japanese nature program, Kongetsu no Ikimono.

The Chiba Zoo’s own resident Shoebill will star in a 54-hour live stream from 10:00 AM JST on 23rd September to 4:00 PM JST on 25th September. This means that you might spend 54 hours of having a Shoebill stare into your very soul…

And speaking of the Chiba Zoological Gardens, they’ll also be hosting an “animal raising experience” with Kemono Friends. This of course will also feature several seiyuu from the anime, including Shoebill herself, Misae Komori. It will also feature Kana Motomiya (Fennec), Saki Ono (Common Raccoon), and of course, Grape-kun’s waifu, Ikuko Chikuta (Humboldt Penguin). This will happen on 24 September 2017 at the Chiba Zoological Park grounds in Chiba City.

Aside from the “animal raising experience”, they will also host other activities. These include a “Quiz Rally” event from 16th September until 15th October. And like most anime collaborations, the zoo will also be distributing special Kemono Friends merchandise.

Source: Anime! Anime!