Kemono Friends has come a long way from a cancelled smartphone game to an anime phenomenon. Now, it’s even teaming up with Japanese food giant, Nissin for their instant kitsune udon. As many people know, kitsune means fox, and who better to promote their kitsune udon than Exo Red Fox and Silver Fox. And just to be clear, kitsune udon doesn’t have fox meat despite the name. That big block on top is just tofu, that’s all.

In the anime, the two foxes live around an area with hot springs, so luckily, they have access to hot water. Thankfully, they get the idea of how to eat that udon thanks to a commercial, but not until Ezo Red Fox tricks Silver Fox into dancing like that fox lady in the commercial. It was hilarious.

Well, foxes are known to be tricksters in various cultures, right? The video also features Suzuko Mimori reprising her role as Ezo Red Fox, while Yuuka Aisaka voices Silver Fox.