Got my hands on this awesome plastic model kit, Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl x Anime Festival Asia Baselard Seika Ver and wow, I am so excited!

I have built a Kotobukiya plastic model kit in the past but this is my first time to build from their Frame Arms Girl series. Thanks to my Kotobukiya x Godhand nipper too, I was able to cut slowly and precisely leaving minimal marks.

In the anime series, Baselard is my second favorite character.ย  I like that she may appear innocently cute but she is sharp and knowledgeable. With this plastic model kit, I can recreate scenes from the series and even pose her in battle mode.

I love that the kit includes her different facial expressions too. It will give me various options which face plate to use in bringing her to life.

If you are a big fan of Frame Arms Girl series, this version is a great addition to your collection. Just like me, I am so happy to have her!

Be sure to watch the video of how I assembled her kit!