With the life-size Unicorn Gundam now standing tall in front of Diver City Odaiba, Bandai has also opened a new Gundam store in place of the now-closed Gundam Front Tokyo museum. Called the Gundam Base Tokyo, the store boasts a huge variety of GunPla, from old kits to the latest ones. Oh, and it also sells other Gundam merchandise like T-shirts and snacks. Now, Gundam.info has revealed a new video for the store, and it’s in English!

The video shows some of the shop’s many features, including its wide variety of GunPla, as well as some exclusives. It also talks about how to actually get there, especially for GunPla enthusiasts outside of Japan.

To find Gundam Base Tokyo, simply head to Odaiba’s Diver City Tokyo mall. You can’t miss it because there’s this huge Unicorn Gundam in front of it. Once inside, enter the mall and head to the seventh floor. Also, make sure to fill up your wallet because any Gundam fan might have his/her wallet bleed once inside.