After finally having both arms added, it looks like the Life-size Unicorn Gundam’s construction is going as planned. Now, observers have seen the workers and construction staff testing out the lights for the Unicorn’s Psycho-Frame.

In the Gundam UC OVA series, as well as the Re:0096 TV anime, the Unicorn only featured the red and green lights. However, it seems that the life-size model in Odaiba will also feature white and blue.

As of writing, fans in Odaiba are still keeping track of the construction’s progress. The new Unicorn Gundam statue will be replacing the RX-78-2 in front of Diver City Tokyo. Bandai removed the statue last March, and also closed down Gundam Front Tokyo last April.

According to, it measures in at 19.7m in height, which of course is taller than its predecessor. The original RX-78-2 Gundam which stood in Odaiba only measured in at 18m in height. also revealed that the statue will weigh in at approximately 49 tonnes. As for its debut date, has also confirmed that Bandai will unveil the statue on 24th September 2017.

Source: iGunPla Weibo Page