Sometimes, when we receive a package, we really won’t care about the tape. In fact, we usually get rid of the packaging tape first, either by tearing it out or cutting it. But what would happen if we were to add a cute little manga along the packaging tape line? Well, there’s the manga tape for that.

The “Manga Tape” is fast becoming one of Japan’s most popular stationery products. It even won the 2016 Kokuyo Design Awards. It allows senders to draw a manga on the tape and spice up the packages they send. Some panels even come with speech bubbles, as well as other manga effects.

According to creator Kazuhiro Minami, “Behind every package is a story, and also the senders thoughts”. Combined with this, senders can give out well wishes, messages, or stories for the receiver. It also personalises the packages quite nicely, huh?

If you’re a cosplay crafter or seller and someone buys a wig or costume from you, why not send a thank you in manga form? Or if you’re returning something, then you can tell the receiver “thank you” in a manga as well. The manga tape will hit the shelves this 13th September, and each roll will cost 900 yen. Kokuyo’s online shop will also begin selling them on that date.

Source: Spoon and Tamago