The life and struggles of professional shogi player, Rei Kiriyama, continues with March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2. Now, the anime’s official website has revealed a brand new PV, as well as the performers for the anime’s OP and ED themes.

According to the official website, YUKI will be performing Season 2’s opening theme song “Flag wo Tateru”. The Japanese singer previously performed the OP song for the Honey & Clover anime. It also just so happens that March Comes in Like a Lion mangaka, Chica Umino also created Honey & Clover. Both works garnered much critical acclaim as well. Meanwhile, Brian the Sun will be performing the ending theme song “Kafune”. The Japanese band previously performed the first ED for My Hero Acadamia.

The tweet also revealed that the second season will be making its premiere in Japan on 14th October. It also confirmed that NHK will once again be broadcasting the series, which continues the life of pro Shogi player, Rei Kiriyama.

Shaft will once again animate the series, with visionary director, Akiyuki Shinbo, also returning at the helm. They will be revealing more details about the second season in the days ahead.