Professional Shogi plays a huge part in March Comes in Like a Lion’s story, as protagonist Rei Kiriyama himself is a pro player. In fact, it really affects his everyday life, from school to his relationship with friends. Now, one of Japan’s most respected Shogi masters is stepping in to help promote the second season. Meet Hifumi Katou, a 77-year old 9th Dan Shogi pro, who helps promote Chika Umino’s critically-acclaimed manga.

Kengo Kawanishi, who voices Rei in the anime narrates these videos. Here, the shogi legend not only talks about the game, but also his experiences and the manga itself. Katou has played Shogi for 60 years now, and has been a professional until his retirement back in June. He also stars in a special “Making the Video” on YouTube for the ads.

These ads come in just in time for the upcoming second season to arrive as well. And speaking of March Comes in Like a Lion Season 2, they have also released a brand new PV for the anime!

The second season premieres this 14th October and will continue the life and struggles of Rei Kiriyama.