Looks like Perfume ain’t the only Japanese musical group with their own manga. This is because Coro Coro Aniki magazine is launching a brand new manga about the Jrock band, Maximum the Hormone. What’s more is that band member, Maximum the Ryo-kun, is the one writing the story! As for the art, , LBX – Little Battlers eXperience mangaka, Hideaki Fujii, is providing the artwork for the manga.

Titled “Maximum the Ryo-kun no Hissatsu!! Outsider Koukoku Dairinin“, the story takes a look at the Japanese advertising industry. It starts off with a female Coro Coro Aniki editor named Shibata visiting the Hormone office. The manga debuts in the magazine’s autumn 2017 issue.

Maximum the Hormone also has plenty of Anisongs to their credit. Not only has the band provided OP and ED songs for Death Note, but also performed an ED song for Air Master. They also performed the theme song for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.

Source: Comic Natalie