North Korea has been dominating the news for the Asia-Pacific region these days, especially with the threat of nuclear war. With leader Kim Jong Un’s latest round of nuclear tests, it’s safe to say that everyone is jittery. More so in Japan, which North Korea has been threatening to bomb for decades. However, even with the growing animosity between Japan and the Hermit Kingdom, that doesn’t stop the rogue state from inviting Japanese tourists.

JS TOURS specialises in North Korean tourism, and it’s been trying to entice Japanese people to visit the country. It even launched its own twitter page, @toursJs, which promises that the North has “No terrorism, no thieving, no earthquakes”. And they’ve been really trying, and are even wooing some in the anime community. You see, they have this animated show called “The Boy General”, which they describe as North Korea’s Dragon Ball. They even show voice actors working over at the 4.26 Animation Studio in North Korea.

 The North Korean travel agency has been doing a lot of promotional tweets, which include the fun activities in the country. And yes, that includes a lot of North Korean men cheering you on while you’re riding bumper cars…
But while the twitter page is doing its best to promote “Best Korea”, some Japanese are rolling their eyes. In fact, Japanese twitter users are peppering the page with troll replies and comments. While visiting North Korea has a mystique of its own, maybe JS TOURS should tell Kim Jong Un to lay off the missile testing over Japan for a while to get the Japanese to actually come and visit.
Source: Sora News 24