Stores focusing on specific anime series are usually just pop-up joints that last for about a few weeks to a few months. There are a few exceptions of course, including the Evangelion Store and the Gundam Cafe. Now, a new permanent anime store for Sailor Moon has opened in Harajuku and its official name is the Sailor Moon Store.

Found in Harajuku’s Laforet building along Meiji Dori Avenue, the store features plenty of store-exclusive items. It also sells sells a variety of other goods like key chains, smartphone,  books, clothes and accessories.

And this is all thanks to a huge demand in Sailor Moon goods back in 2012 when the franchise celebrated its 20th anniversary. According to a Toei Animation representative:

“Because more goods have been released since the 20th anniversary, many fans were requesting a permanent store.”

On its opening day, approximately 170 fans lined up Meiji Dori Avenue and showed their moon pride. And for these fans, the Sailor Moon Store opening and being a permanent store certainly is a “big deal”. One of the people lining up is Sara Kissick-Skeel, an American who is teaching English in Tochigi Prefecture. She said:

“I have loved ‘Sailor Moon’ ever since I was young, so my friend and I came today for the Sailor Moon cafe and for the opening of the shop. It’s really exciting to know that there is a permanent place where they will always have something there for you.

Source: Japan Times