Since people invented photography, paintings became less and less realistic. However, one Japanese artist has proven that realism is still alive and well. Meet Polka, a Japanese artist whose drawing look very real. And while most artists who use realism draw fruit, landscapes, and people, Polka chooses to draw Japanese snacks.

The Artist actually spends HOURS drawing, but thanks to the magic of time lapse, we can see how he does it in seconds. Here are a few more of his works, which also include beverages:

But while people who look at those paintings up close, they might see that they are indeed paintings, they really look real from afar, huh? Now that’s real talent! The artist also does actual meals, aside from those usual snacks.

Polka actually has a YouTube channel called POLKAnoe – ポルカノエ, and the artist actually posts those artworks there.