Nintendo recently streamed a brand new Nintendo Direct presentation a few days ago, and it included a few Pokemon announcements. In particular, they revealed more details about Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. They even revealed new videos for the upcoming 3DS games:

The new videos reveal Necrozma’s two new forms, which happens when the Psychic Pokemon captures either Solgaleo or Lunala. This depends on which of the game’s version you play of course. It then  touches upon Rockruff and Lycanrock, and reveals a new Z-Move for all three Lycanrock forms.

Finally, the videos reveal brand new Ultra Beasts. If these Pokemon (or whatever they are) gave players trouble in Sun and Moon, imagine what two more can do…

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will follow a different story from the Sun and Moon games. It will still be part of Generation 7 though. Game Freak will release the game on 17th November for the Nintendo 3DS.