The wacky denizens of the Japanese afterlife are back for another hellish round with Hoozuki no Reitetsu Season 2. and with its 7th October premiere drawing ever-closer, this infernal anime finally reveals its latest PV:

The video not only gives us a look at Hell’s denizens, but also previews the comedy anime’s theme song. Jigoku no Sata All Stars, the seiyuu unit which comprises of Hiroki Yatsumoto (Hozuki), Takashi Nagasako (Enma), Yumiko Kobayashi (Shiro), Kakisuke (Hiroki Gotou), Takashi Matsuyama (Rurio), Satomi Satou (Ichiko), Yui Ogura (Niko), and Atsumi Tanezaki (Karashi), are the ones responsible for performing the OP song, “Dai! Jigo Jigo Bushi”.

Kazuhiro Yoneda will be animating this infernal comedy over at Studio DEEN. It follows Hoozuki, an Oni who serves as the Great King Enma’s ever-capable second-in-command. And thanks to his position, he keeps Hell’s demons in line. However, like most work areas, unexpected things tend to happen, and comedy ensues.